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Thunia are very similar in culture to Calanthe. The canes are very tall; 2-4' at times. Therefore staking early is important. The large bell shape flowers will appear about end of June beginning of July and last a long time.

They can be grown in a intermediate temperature with lots of light. During the growing season from early spring to late autumn water and feed well at about 700 ųS of balanced fertilizer.

At about late October they lose their leaves stop watering, keep them dry and cool, that is their resting period. At about February time repot in fresh mix I use peat-based compost mixed with perlite to keep it open. New canes will start on the base of the old ones When you see that start watering and feeding. The old canes will eventually become soft and will start new shoots on the side. If you don't want any more plants remove them.

C. Kovac